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Top 8 Home Remedies For Nasal Allergy

Nasal Allergy

Nasal allergy can be quite irritating and frustrating for the individual suffering from it. So it becomes necessary to treat it as soon as possible to obtain relief. Even though there is no instant cure for nasal allergy, you can regulate it with help of certain effective home remedies. One of the best benefits of home remedies for nasal allergy is that you won’t suffer from any side effects.

Here Are Some Prominent Home Remedies To Treat Nasal Allergy:

Use Neti Pot

Use Of Neti Pot

Using neti pot is an effective way to cure nasal allergy. It helps fill your affected nasal cavity with warm saline water and aids to clear out excess mucus. It also moisturizes your nasal cavity.

Inhale Chamomile Fumes

Inhale Chamomile Fumes

Boil some chamomile leaves and inhale the fumes. It provides a great relief and minimizes the irritation resulting due to the nasal allergy.

Have A Mixture Of Limewater And Honey

Limewater And Honey

Add one tablespoon of honey and a half teaspoon of lemon water to a cup of warm water and stir it well. Drink it early in the morning to cure nasal allergy.

Drink Cabbage And Spinach Juices

Drink Cabbage And Spinach Juices

Drinking vegetable juices, such as spinach and cabbage juices, every day prove highly beneficial in treating nasal allergy. Drink these vegetable juices daily for at least ten days to get rid of the irritation resulting due to nasal allergy.

Include Foods Rich In Vitamin B And C In Your Diet

Vitamin B And C In Your Diet

Include vitamin C and vitamin B rich foods in your diet as they help boost your immunity to resist hassles resulting due to nasal allergy. Include citrus fruits, such as oranges and lemons, in your diet. Also, include cereals, fish, shellfish, and other vitamin B rich foods in your diet.

Drink Green Tea

Green tea

Drinking green tea every day helps cure nasal allergy quickly and effectively. Add a dash of honey to it and drink one or two cups of green tea daily.

Use Natural Crystal

Use Natural Crystal

Nasal allergy is caused due to lack of energy in the body. The use of natural crystal helps increase the energy in your body. So use natural crystal to cure nasal allergy effectively.

Add Ginger And Garlic To Your Diet

Garlic and Ginger

Garlic and ginger are the most powerful immunity builder. Add cloves of garlic and ginger to your regular diet to increase your immunity and to get rid of nasal allergy. You can add them in your regular cooking. Drinking ginger tea can also help in curing nasal allergy.

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