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Top 8 Ways In Which African Mango Helps In Losing Weight

African Mango Helps In Losing Weight

African mango is a fruit grown on trees of central and west africa that resembles the mango tree. It is also known as wild mango, bush mango, dika mango and more. The extract of the seeds of this fruit is a highly acknowledged weight loss supplement. Though a lot of research is still ongoing, but there are African tribes that have been eating this fruit every day for years and thereby maintain a healthy weight, stay slim and lean without any other form of exercise or diet control.

The Ways In Which Afrocan Mango Helps In Controlling Weight Gain Are:

High Fiber Content

This fruit contains ample amounts of fibers to control cholesterol, glucose levels, and help in digestion. The fiber binds the waste in the colon, including fats, and expels them out of the body, thus preventing excess body weight.

High Fiber Content

Controls Cholesterol

The fiber content in African mango can help in lowering the trigylredes and LDL cholesterol and also boost the HDL cholesterol. Cholesterol is vital for maintaining optimum weight in the body. The soluble fibers in this fruit bind the bile acids and helps in its excretion aiding in lower cholesterol and lipid levels. If the cholesterol in the blood is brought under control, the body weight also reduces.

Lowers Cholesterol

Controls Blood Sugar

The intake of this fruit slows the digestion and delays the absorption of sugar into the blood and prevents it from rising uncontrollably. The optimum level of blood sugar is vital in keeping the weight under control.

blood sugar level

Trims Waistline

African mango contains enzymes that help in melting the fat in the body. It thwarts the growth of fat in the cells of the body and increase the metabolism, controls leptin levels, that helps in converting the body fat into energy and helps in cutting down the stored fat in the body.

Shrink Your Waistline

Prevents Accumulation Of Fat

The intake of this fruit does not allow the body to store excess fat as it contains fiber that helps in digestion and binds all the waste and expels it out of the body. It increases meabolic activities and body fat for energy processes.


Lower Appetite

The fiber content in this fruit keeps the stomach full for a long period of time, thus curbing hunger pangs and the need to eat between meals. This reduced appetite helps in keeping obesity under control.

Lower Appetite

Combined With Green Tea

Recent studies suggest that extracts of this fruit an be combined with green tea to increase the antioxidant content and accelerate the weight loss process.

green tea

Cooking Oil

The oil made from the fruit contains minerals and fatty acids which are good for the health and can be a good substitute for the trans fat hydrogenated oils that are usually used as a cooking medium. They will prevent excess accumulation of fat in the body and control cholesterol levels.

Use Cooking Oils with Fats

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