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Top 9 Citrus Fruits You Need To Eat More

Blood Oranges

There are several citrus fruits other than lemons and oranges. Fruits such as tangerines and fingered lime have excellent health benefits, thus making them an amazing snacking option. If you are little bored of eating the same old oranges daily, then you need to know about the other citrus fruits which are also having lots of health benefits. They add lots of taste to your recipes.

Check Out The Top 9 Citrus Fruits You Need To Eat More:


Tangelo is a citrus fruits which is a cross between the tangerine and a grapefruit. It has a little sweet and tart taste. The juice of this fruit is delectable and fully loaded with dietary fiber.


Key Lime:

It is a small juicy fruit which is acidic than other varieties. It is also known as bartender’s lime which is often included while baking and preparing desserts.

Key Lime


This citrus fruit is a cross between the lemon fruit and mandarin. This citrus fruit is added as a chief ingredient while preparing Japanese ponzu sauce. It contains potent antioxidants that help slow down the process of skin aging and replenish the dead skin cells. It even helps combat heart diseases and cancer.


Finger Lime:

This citrus fruit is also called “citrus caviar” because of its pulp. It is juicy and has a palatable taste. Its flesh is often used to garnish.

Finger Lime

Uniq Fruit:

This is a citrus fruit which is seedless and is extremely juicy. This pear-shaped fruit has an incredibly sweet taste similar to the tangerine.

Uniq Fruit


Clementine is similar to the tangerine fruit. It has a sweet taste and is seedless. It could be a great snack and is often included in salads.


Meyer Lemon:

Meyer lemon is a cross between the mandarin and a lemon. This citrus fruit has a taste much sweeter than a normal lemon and has a less acidic taste. It could be included in your refreshing beverages. It contains a bunch of health benefits due to its vitamin C. It helps boost immunity and combat diseases.

Meyer Lemon


Kumquats have a bitter flesh with a sweet rind. This citrus fruit is often eaten whole. It is usually used in jams, bread, and desserts. They contain antioxidants that help fight cancer.


Blood Oranges:

They have a unique flavor and taste like a combo of orange and raspberries. It can be included in your salads and cocktail.

Blood Oranges

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