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Top 9 Common And Effective Foods In Mom’s Diet To Prevent Or Cure Cradle Cap


Mom's Diet To Prevent Or Cure Cradle Cap

If your newborn shows irritation, then just take a good look at her scalp- she may be infected by cradle cap which is a flaky creamish growth that causes much discomfiture to her. If this is true then you have to think of crippling the Malassezzia fungus in the dietary way if you want a long lasting remedy to the problem, the reason being that the causal factors (poor immunity, hormonal imbalance and antibiotic influence) can be controlled by the food that the baby eats.

As mother’s milk is the main diet of an infant it should consist of foods that combat infantile seborrheic dermatitis. Also, the infant should be fed certain permissible edibles to cure herself of this infec tion that is caused by sebaceous gland over secretion.Though many infants are put on formula milk right from the first day of their birth, breast milk should be the preferred choice because breast milk, with its proteins and antibodies, is the best immunity booster for the baby and it will take care of all infections, especially the bacterial and fungal ones.

Foods To Include In Mother’s Diet

1. Vitamin C Foods

Vitamin C Foods

The mother should eat more of foods that contain vitamin C, the immunity boosting and skin health vitamin in order to enhance the vitamin C quality and quantity in her breast milk.

2. Berries


Berries contain immunity boosting nutrients. They are rich in antioxidants that fight inflammation. Acai berries, with their anthocyanins are found to be highly effective in combating infections. Elderberry  and Acai berry can be included in the diet of the mother so that the immunity boosting nutrients are passed down to the infant.

3. Mushrooms


Edible mushrooms such as the button mushroom are rich in the B vitamins niacin and riboflavin which help in strengthening the immune system. Moreover, they are also rich in biotin. Sebaceous gland over- activity due to biotin deficiency in the baby owing to the presence of mother’s hormones in its blood is seen to be another common cause of cradle cap. Hence, the mother should pass down adequate quantities of biotin to her infant by consuming foods that are rich in this nutrient. Other nutrients such as selenium and antioxidants help in building up the health of the baby.

4. Artichokes


Cradle crap also seems to be a consequence of the effect of antibiotics on the infant. The natural remedy to alleviate this effect is the consumption of artichokes which help in removal of toxins resulting from antibiotic activity from the body of the infant by boosting the functioning of the liver and bile secretion.

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5. Oysters


Oysters in the diet of a lactating mother will benefit the baby by boosting its immunity to fight cradle cap and other disorders related to weak immunity. This delicious seafood has a laudable amount of zinc and selenium that serve the purpose.  The omega -3 fatty acids also appease inflammatory reactions. The other nutrients, vitamins B12 and D, copper, manganese and iron help in building up the general health of the infant so that she remains protected from infections and is able to fight them better.

6. Avocados


Avocados are rich vegetarian sources of biotin, which control the over-activity of sebaceous glands in infants thereby preventing and healing cradle cap.

7. Watermelon


Watermelon juice can be beneficial to your baby. Not only can you include it in your diet, but can also feed to your infant in small quantities, if your family pediatrician approves of it. Firstly, this juicy red fruit hydrates the skin well which is one of the basic steps towards good skin health and immunity. Next, glutathione, a potent antioxidant, found in its red pulpy flesh is known to greatly strengthen the immune system.

8. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter

Many of us do not really need a reason to convince us to eat the utterly delicious peanut butter. But its rich biotin content can be one of the reasons to include in the diet of a nursing mother so that she passes down the nutrient to her baby which will help it fight the infection better.

9. Yogurt


Yogurt, especially Greek yogurt and the Indian curd are loaded with probiotics that benefit the body in a number of ways. Apart from protein, calcium, B vitamins and other nutrients, yogurt has probiotic microorganisms that boost the immunity, benefit the gut and fight infections. It also cleanses the body of the toxic effect of antibiotics when taken as such or in a diluted form. However, one should be careful about the health adversities of commercial yogurt because they contain sugar which rather encourages bacterial and fungal infections.

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