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Top 9 Super Foods For Monsoons


Super Foods For Monsoons

The monsoon season brings many diseases along with the rains. Most people have weak immunty at this time, which results in infections and health problems. People have diseases due to the attack of bacteria and viruses. During the monsoons, humidity becomes very high and the excessive sweating causes decrease in body salts. People have dehydration and it causes further problems. You should take a good diet in this season. Light foods that can be easily digested are the best. Eat foods that can prevent monsoon diseases. The top 9 super foods for monsoons are as follows.


You should include spices in your diet as they help in improving the immunity. The best spice for monsoons is ginger. You can add ginger to the food you cook including vegetables. Cinnamon is another good spice for this season. Add the spices to drinks like soups and juices. Drink tea after adding ginger and cinnamon to it.

Spices Help In Improving The Immunity


Include garlic in the diet, as it will increase immunity. Most of us like to have hot soup in monsoons so why not add garlic to the soup. If you are baking breads, add some garlic to it. You can eat garlic after frying it. You can dry roast the garlic cloves and just eat them whole. Garlic is a boon for monsoons.

Garlic Is A Boon For Monsoons


Mango is the best super fruit for monsoons. It contains high amount of antioxidants, which protect the body from many diseases including cancer. Mango is very good for people for patients who have diabetes and high cholesterol. It is also good for the skin as it opens the skin pores and prevents pimples. Mango contains Vitamin A, which improves the health of eyes.

Mango Is A Super Fruit For Monsoons

Bitter Foods

You should include bitter foods in the monsoon season. These foods are easily available at this time. Bitter vegetables and spices are very good for health as they improve the immunity. Therefore, you should include bittergourd and fenugreek seeds in the diet. Turmeric and basil are very good in this season. These foods contain antioxidants, which help in keeping away infections.

Bitter Foods Improve The Immunity

Peach and Apricots

Monsoon is the time when peach and apricots are in season. Peach contains antioxidants, which are very good for the health. The fruit contains many nutrients that help in curing anemia and promoting weight loss. Apricot is another monsoon fruit that fights cancer and hypertension. It is very good for preventing aging and Alzheimers disease.

Peach & Apricots Are Good For Preventing Aging

Basil Leaves

Basil leaves are a boon in the monsoon season so you should include it in the diet. Consume the leaves by chopping them and adding them to foods and salads. You can chew the leaves along with jaggery or sugar. You can take four to five basil leaves daily. These days basil is available in the market in the form of capsules. The capsule contains organic basil.

Basil Leaves Are A Boon In The Monsoon

Citrus Foods

You should increase the intake of citrus foods during monsoons. These foods contain Vitamin C, which will keep the diseases away while improving your immunity. You can also drink juice of citrus fruits. The best citrus foods are oranges, lemons and grapes. Eat these foods and say goodbye to health problems.

Citrus Foods Improve The Immunity

Herbal Tea

Monsoon is the time when you should drink herbal tea. The tea is made by infusing herbs in boiling water. This tea is free of caffeine and it is very beneficial for health. It helps in preventing influenza, a common problem in the monsoons. The tea has medicinal properties and helps in improving digestion. You can have this tea hot as well as cold.

Herbal Tea Helps In Preventing Influenza

Grilled Meat

People who eat non-vegetarian diet need to take care in the monsoons. They should eat grilled meat that is cooked with less amount of oil. You should not eat fish in this season because there are chances of getting diseases and infections.

Grilled Meat Is Good In Monsoon


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