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Top Foods To Eat And Avoid From The Food Pyramid


The food pyramid is generally a guide for everyone of what to be eaten each and as to how much quantity should be eaten. There should be a variety and balance in eating so as to meet the required calories per day. Each group provides what a person needs but in small amounts.

Top Foods To Eat And Avoid From The Food Pyramid

Four Food Groups In Pyramid

No food group in the food pyramid could provide all the nutrients that a person needs. Also, the foods in the pyramids have no substitute and must not be replaced by any commercial products stating that they are the substitute. The basic four food groups are reworked into a more balanced and healthy food pyramid guide. Now this food pyramid has its base on the grain group, the second level with fruit and vegetables group, third level with meat and diary groups and on the last level, fats, oils and sweets group.

Group 1- Grains

Whole grains

The grain group which is found at the base of the pyramid is composed mainly of cereals, pasta, rice and other foods made from grains. We need a lot of daily servings of these foods than any other groups because they are our source of B-vitamins, iron, carbohydrates and some protein. The daily recommendation is at least 6 servings per day. Apart from this, vitamins are consumed via grains, fruits and even veggies. Grains are a great form of healthy proteins too. They help in development of the muscles and bones.

Group 2- Fruits And Vegetables

Fresh Vegetables And Fruits

Fruit and vegetable group are the richest source of vitamins and minerals. Take note, they provide fiber which may not contain nutrients but is extremely important for the digestive system. They aide in the smooth digestion of the food and thus ensure good digestion. At least 3-5 serving so f vegetables and 2-4 serving of fruits per day is recommended. The right combination aids in healthier functioning of the digestive system. For instance, raw fruits and veggies contain fibers along with vitamins that help in flushing out toxins from the body.

Group 3- Dairy And Meat

Dairy And Meat

Meat and diary groups are the richest source of proteins. On this level, the two groups of food such as milk, fish, eggs, poultry and cheese are all animal source except for nuts and beans which are from plants. High amounts of protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc and B vitamins. These are essential in bone and muscle development which why children need more meat and dairy products in their diet during their growing years. These foods comprise of various vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, etc. These can be either eaten in a cooked or uncooked form.

Group 4- Fats, Oils And Sweets

Fats, oils and sweets group are on the top of the pyramid and is recommended to be used sparingly. It is suggested to consume less of sweet groups along with oils and fats. Being on top of the food pyramid, these foods have less nutritional value and add to excess calories along with harmful cholesterol.

Fats, Oils And Sweets

They provide more of sugar and less of benefits to the body, which eventually results in health problems, especially related to the heart. Even if they are a pleasure to eat, they provide only calories and very little nutrients to our body. These include cream, chocolates, sugars, candy sodas and cakes. Too much of this results in have ailments and problems with the heart and blood sugar.

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