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Top Natural Methods To Lower Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the force that the flow of blood exerts on the arteries and thus, the heart. This pressure of the blood flow on the heart can be high as well as low. If the pressure is too high, it might lead to strokes and heart attacks. The blood pressure indicates your over all well-being and is measured in ‘millimeters of mercury’ or ‘mmHg’. Usually the reading is represented by the ‘Systolic’ and the ‘Diastolic’ blood pressure. Systolic is the highest level of your blood pressure and Diastolic is the lowest level of the blood pressure. In order to have a good heart health, it is important to maintain your blood pressure at a lower level. Lately, there has been a boon in the medical circles with various medicines manufactured to maintain normal blood pressure. Surprisingly, you can achieve the same results the natural way. There are various food products that are naturally effective in maintaining the blood pressure if consumed in the right dosage and regulation.

These Are Few Natural Methods To Lower Blood Pressure

1. Fenugreek

Fenugreek is a naturally occurring herb that can be easily found in the market. It has a bitter taste; therefore, it needs to be consumed with water. Keep in mind that Fenugreek intake should not be take on a daily basis as it can also bring down blood sugar levels. The best way to consume Fenugreek is to powder it and store it in an airtight container. Just before you go to bed gulp a spoonful of this powder preferably with warm water [1].

Fenugreek seeds

2. Lemon Juice

This is a quick-fix when it comes to lowering down your blood pressure if it happens to shoot-up suddenly. For this, you need to prepare your regular lemonade using lemons, water and sugar. In case of a high blood pressure emergency, this Lemonade should be prepared and consumed three to four times a day every two hours. As a tip, people suffering from high blood pressure should include lemonade in their every day routine to lead a healthy life [2].

Drink Lemon Juice

3. Garlic

This is one of best and most widely used natural remedy for high blood pressure. However, keep in mind that you must consume Garlic in its raw form for best results. People suffering from Hypertension should eat three to four cloves of Garlic with every meal. Make this your everyday habit and you will find that your blood pressure is maintained at the normal level regularly [3].


These are a few most effective natural methods of controlling High Blood Pressure or Hypertension. It should, however, be kept in mind that a healthy lifestyle and diet habits go a long way when it comes to enjoying a healthy, happy life.

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