Way To Do Crescent Moon Pose And Know Interesting Health Benefits Of This Pose

Health Benefits Of Crescent Moon Pose

Do you ever try crescent moon pose ever? This is a very effective pose which has lots of health benefits. It is the popular standing pose that every body can do this pose. This pose has an interesting name “Anjaneyasana” in Sanskrit. It is also popular in the name of Low Lung Pose.

Methods To Do Crescent Moon Pose:

It is very popular and easy pose to do. To perform this simple pose follows the steps. Stand on your feet like the mountain pose keeping both of your hands beside your body. Then slowly stretch your right leg one step forward and bend it at the knee. Be careful that your knee and your feet must be in parallel. Now stretch your left leg one step backward to keep the body balance by keeping the body weight on the left feet. In this pose the fingers of the left feet only touch the ground instead of the whole feet. Now slowly raise both of your hands beside your head in upward direction. Now slowly move your head in backward and then try to look at your hands. Hold this pose for 10-15 seconds and then release it. Repeat the pose after taking a break of 5-10 seconds. End up with Corpse pose.

Crescent Moon Pose

Here Are The 5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Crescent Moon Pose:

Do you ever know about the health benefits of Crescent Moon Pose? Actually it is one of the best standing pose.

Relieves Backache Problem:

Are you suffering from backache problem? Then try to perform Crescent Moon pose regularly. This pose plays a vital role in reducing your backache.

Relieves Backache Problem

Strengthens Your Arms:

Crescent Moon pose effectively strengthens your arms in a healthy way and keeps the muscles of your arms active.

Strengthens Your Arms

Increases Concentration Power:

Crescent Moon pose is very good for the students and the players as this pose effectively increases your concentration power. If you practice the pose in regular basis you can see the result in just few weeks.

Increases Concentration Power

Ideal For The Patient Of High Blood Pressure:

Those who are suffering from the high blood pressure they must do Crescent Moon pose every day as it is beneficial for them. It reduces the BP in a healthy way.

Ideal For The Patient Of High Blood Pressure

Gives You Relief In Neck Pain:

Crescent Moon pose is good for reducing the neck pain. Those who does desk jobs and suffering from any kind of neck pain they must do this pose.

Gives You Relief In Neck Pain

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